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Physical Therapy in Warren, OH

At Mangiarelli Rehabilitation, LLC our primary concern is the recovery of injuries and improvement of disabilities. Maintaining a high level of physical fitness is vital for any person. That is why we want to promote the development of functional capabilities, as well as help you gain back the quality of movement. We plan to reach our clients objectives through physical intervention by setting evaluations. Our occupational physical therapist will be able to diagnose and set forth a unique plan for your rehabilitation.

Our physical therapy clinic includes a strength training facilitate, this portion of the program is the process by which your power is measured and gradually increased through exercises. These exercises will be tailored to your specific needs as you recuperate.

We are proud to offer quality physical therapy here at Mangiarelli Rehabilitation, LLC in Warren, OH. This is a practice that offers a variety of different services for patients, with everything from water therapy to TMJ therapy.


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Our Services

Aquatic Therapy

At Mangiarelli Rehabilitation, we offer aquatic therapy in our warm water clinic pool under the supervision of our aquatic therapists. Water therapy helps patients move with greater ease as water decreases the amount of stress on a patient’s joints. This allows patients to address balance, mobility, and muscle strength more easily by engaging in targeted exercises in the pool.

Aquatic therapy is used with patients who are recovering from surgery, unable to put weight on a limb, cannot tolerate standing, and athletes who need to break down sport-specific drills in a controlled environment. Patients with arthritis, back pain, balance issues, knee pain, and stroke may also engage in water therapy as part of their comprehensive physical therapy treatment program.

Water therapy has numerous benefits for physical therapy patients. The heated water of the aquatic therapy pool provides temporary pain relief. Water exerts pressure on the body when submerged in the pool, which helps reduce swelling and inflammation. Water supports 50% of the body’s weight when immersed to waist level, allowing patients to have greater tolerance for exercise.

TMJ Therapy

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) Is a condition that limits the function of the jaw, such as opening the mouth, chewing, talking, and yawning. TMD is a disorder of the temporomandibular joint, which connects the jaw to the skull and guides the jaw’s movement. Physical therapy can help a patient with TMD ease pain, regain normal jaw movement, and lessen daily stress on the jaw.

Physical therapy is an effective conservative treatment for TMD. The physical therapist assesses jaw and neck movement and range of motion as well as joint mobility, posture, and surrounding muscles and soft tissues that could be contributing to TMD. Physical therapy treatment can include manual therapy, posture education, dry needling, and low-loading exercises that strengthen the jaw without exerting too much pressure on the TMJ.

Physical Therapy Clinic

Our physical therapy clinic specializes in manual therapy. We combine traditional physical therapy modalities with modern techniques to treat clients. Our goal is to achieve balance, decrease pain and stress, and increase mobility. After our patients’ pain have subsided, we teach each individual how to remain pain-free through therapeutic exercises.

While the conditions we treat are common, our approach is not. We believe in customized care. Our patients receive one-on-one treatment from an occupational therapy specialist utilizing various techniques to relieve pain and recover from personal injury. Our goal is to allow patients to progress as quickly as possible towards functional training, which may include core stabilization, posture training, strengthening, flexibility, and aerobic activities.

We strive to reduce pain and increase the activity tolerance for individuals who suffer acute or chronic musculoskeletal conditions using multiple physical therapy techniques. Visit Mangiarelli Rehabilitation, LLC in Warren, OH today to learn more about our rehabilitation center. We are the best occupational physical therapist you can find!

Sports Medicine

Mangiarelli Rehabilitation sports medicine physical therapists treat athletes of all ages throughout Trumbull and Mahoning County. Sports medicine physical therapy help patients treat pain, rehabilitate from sports injuries, and return to pre-injury function through targeted exercise.

Our physical therapists provide a comprehensive sports injury assessment to determine the cause of the injury and establish a baseline of functional capabilities. Our therapists help athletes improve mobility, restore function, relieve pain, prevent recurrent injury, increase coordination and balance, and regain strength. At Mangiarelli Rehabilitation, we treat ACL injuries, concussions, golf and tennis elbow, rotator cuff injuries, and sports-related sprains and strains.

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Stroke Rehabilitation

A stroke can impact a patient’s ability to change position, walk, balance, and control their limbs and trunk. Our physical therapists are trained to provide quality stroke rehabilitative care throughout a patient’s recovery process. We work with stroke survivors to regain use of stroke-impaired limbs, establish an exercise and gait training program, address balance issues, and help patients relearn and retain simple motor skills. Starting rehabilitation early in the stroke recovery process is essential to help survivors keep muscles toned, maintain circulation, prevent stiffness, and regain voluntary movement and independent function more quickly.


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The therapists were thorough and attentive to my needs. I made tremendous progress in my weeks of rehab! I can't highly recommend this facility enough!

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Wonderful place love it there.I was in a bad car accident 5 years ago and was walking with a limp. After going there I can now walk normal again. I feel good everyday after going . Thanks Jenn
From Michele Watson

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Best place to go for therapy! Caring staff that make you feel like family and encourage you every step of the way! Highly recommend!

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